Points to consider when choosing colours

Choosing the right colour for your scheme can often be difficult and daunting. It is important to choose a colour that compliments and enhances your room and furnishings but also one that is right for you, particularly if you are going to live with a colour choice for several years.

The Curtains On Line Colour Guide is here to help in deciding the right colour for your made to measure curtains, custom roman blinds and cushions.

When choosing the right colour for your curtains, blinds and cushions, you should consider which colours you are drawn to, what look you are trying to achieve for your space and the natural lighting which is entering the room. These factors will have an affect on the overall impact the colour will have on the room.

To help you visualise which colours compliment each other and work well together consult our colour wheel, where harmonious colours sit side by side while complimentary colours are situated opposite each other. Simply click on the various categories highlighted on our colour wheel to go directly to view our gorgeous colour ranges.

Choose colours you are initially drawn to from our colour wheel to narrow your colour search. From here consider the overall look you are trying to achieve - do you want your furnishings to match the style of the rest of your home or are you trying to create a unique statement or atmosphere in a particular room? A calming blue highlighted with pastels is ideal in a nursery room while a vibrant red used as an accent colour changes the atmosphere of a social area.

An equally important consideration with curtain, blind and cushion fabric selection is the texture of fabric, which can change the tone of an entire space. Complimentary textures can subtly match you furniture or the deliberate use of contrasting fabrics and textures for curtains and blinds can create a dynamic space adding depth to your overall scheme.

In recent years Dulux & other Paint Manufacturing companies have come up beautiful trendy colour combinations and schemes which you can follow. These are available online but the actual colour card does make a difference once its in your hand.

These little colour cards are available free from any retailer who stock their products these colour cards help their customers choose a colour scheme for the rooms they are paint for.We've noticed that these same cards often help our clients stick to a colour theme and also prevents them from deviating too much from a certain theme. Ultimately you should choose complimentary colours that are trending and versatile, harmoniously bringing all elements of your project together

Dulux's Colour Charts Online

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