Choosing the way to treat the dressing of your window space is a key part of any project to decorate a room.

On a practical level you need to decide how much light you wish to be able to let in / block out and what privacy you want from the outside world.

On a design level you need to decide if want to create a statement with bold design, add a touch of contrasting colour or have a product that compliments the rest of the room.

Part of the fun is deciding what you want and hopefully our buyers guide can help with your decisions:

Ready Made Curtains

All our Ready Made Curtains are sold in pairs although the width and length stated is for one curtain panel. The width measurement is when the curtain is flat not when it is gathered up. Please see our measurement guide for more information on how to measure and what size of curtains are right for you. Some of our curtains come with tiebacks included and for others, we have coordinating tiebacks, cushion covers and valances sold separately. The product page for any design will tell you this.

All our curtains are fully lined with 50% polyester 50% cotton lining for increased privacy and improved drape.

Heading Type

The ways in which the curtains are attached to your curtain track or pole are referred to as the heading and we offer three types of heading.

  1. Pencil Pleat or Tape Top – Each curtain panel has a piece of three inch wide tape sewn across the top (click here to see image). The tape has three cords woven into it which, when pulled, gather up the curtain panel to form the pleats. We would recommend each panel is gathered to just over half the width of your track or pole to ensure they overlap when closed. Your curtain hooks are attached to one of the rows of cord after gathering for attachment to your track or pole. If you attach hooks to the top row of cord your pole or track will show above the curtain, if you use the lower cord your track or pole will be hidden.Please note that Curtains cannot be returned after the cords have been pulled so please make sure you are entirely satisfied before you pull the cords.
  2. Tab Top Heading – A curtain pole must be used with this heading. Each curtain panel has loops of fabric in the same or contrasting material sewn into the top of the panel (click here to see image). The tabs can then be threaded over your curtain pole. A pair of tab top curtains should be between 1.5 and 2 times the width of your curtain pole. Your curtain pole should be at least 3 inches above the window to allow for the tab length to ensure your window does not show above the curtain panel.
  3. Eyelet Headings – A curtain pole must be used with this heading. Eyelet curtains have become more popular over the last few years and have metallic eyelets sewn in a line near the top of the curtain panel (click here to see image). Eyelet curtains usually have a softer gather and your curtain pole is threaded through the eyelets. Eyelets can vary in diameter but typically are 40mm so your curtain pole should have a maximum diameter of 35mm to allow smooth travel along the pole.

Our Ready Made curtain offer can be searched by heading type to make it easier if you want a particular heading or you can search all designs if you wish.

We have also added a section called Lightweight Curtains where we have grouped all the lined voile curtains should you wish to have curtains that allow diffused light in the room.

Hanging Your Curtains

To hang your pencil pleat curtains you need to gather up the curtains to the width you want when closed. To do this:

  • Tie the strings at one end of the curtain panel. This should be the inside edge of your curtain.
  • Pull the strings not tied to create the desired gather. Reducing the curtain width to half its flat width will create a full gather. You may choose to have the curtains gathered more or less than this depending on the look you want.
  • Please note that Curtains cannot be returned after the cords have been pulled so please make sure you are entirely satisfied before you pull the cords.
  • Loosely tie off the excess string which can then be neatly tucked away inside the tape. This should be the outside edge of your panel.
  • Curtain hooks should be attached to the start and end of each panel and around 4 inches apart in between. Standard nylon hooks should be OK for most curtains, however if you have a heavyweight pair please consider using metal hooks.
  • The hooks can then be attached to the track or threaded through the little eyelets at the bottom of your curtain rings if using a pole. Please remember to attach the outermost hooks on both panels to the outermost track glide or to a curtain ring outside the point where the pole is attached to the wall. This provides an anchor point when you draw the curtains.
  • Once hung, dress the curtain to ensure that the pleats are neat and uniform.
  • Do not worry if creases still show in the fabric, these will drop out after a few days as the fabric settles.

To hang your tab top or eyelet curtains simply thread your curtain pole through the tabs or eyelets ensuring the outermost tab or eyelet on each panel is outside the point where the pole is attached to the wall. This provides an anchor point when you draw the curtains.

Eyelet curtains should be threaded onto the pole so that the outer edges of the curtain face towards the wall. This will avoid the reverse/lining of the curtain being visible.

Please care for your curtains as shown on the care label. Please untie the cords and remove any hooks before cleaning.

Voile Panels and Jardinières

These are lightweight curtains that allow diffused light into the room whilst still offering a degree of privacy.

Voile Panels are sold as single panels and usually come with a "slot top" heading in which a space created by two lines of sewing will allow a fine pole or cord to be slotted through (click here to see image). Some voile panels come with a 1 inch heading tape. Details of which heading will be shown on each product page.

Jardinières are sold as single panels and usually come with a slot top heading.

Roller Blinds

Our readymade roller blinds are all ready to hang or can be trimmed to size. Please see our Blind Measuring guide for details on how to measure correctly. All come on strong 25mm roller tubes and a have a quality 25mm side winder for ease of use. The side winder can be fitted to the right or left for ease of use. All instructions and fittings are supplied with the blind. The brackets are designed for top side or face fitting your blind either inside the window recess or outside the window. Further details on the different styles, colours and sizes can be found in the Roller Blind product section.

Roman Blinds

These offer a more contemporary look to any room and have been growing in popularity. All roman blinds are fully lined and are designed to be top or face fixed inside the window recess or outside. All instructions and fittings are supplied with the blind. Included in the fittings is a cordlock feature which locks the blind in the required position and can be easily released to allow the blind to fall to its full length. A cord tidy is also supplied. Roman Blinds cannot be trimmed to size due to the side hems with the exception of one product, the trimable roman blind.

Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds offer a stylish modern look to your room. All blinds come with instructions and fittings and the support brackets are designed for top side or face fixing. The blinds are ready to hang or can be trimmed to size.


We also offer a superb range of bedlinen to suit all looks and budgets. All our duvet covers are either offered in sets with pillowcases included or with pillowcases sold separately. Sizes on the product pages are referred to as single, double, king size or superking size. Please see the table below for approximate dimensions for these sizes and pillowcases

Some of our bedlinen ranges also come with matching curtains and coordinating cushions. We also offer a bedrunner with selected designs which adds to the overall look of the bed.

Details will feature on each product page.


Whilst offering cushions that coordinate with specific curtain designs we also offer some stand alone cushion to add a touch of colour and difference to a room. All stand alone cushions can be purchased as a cushion case only or complete with filler.


Our rugs are a great way to bring warmth and colour to a room and soften that easy to clean hard floor. Our rugs come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit all rooms. They are all made from 100% polypropylene, don't scared they have a soft touch and a woolly appearance. They are easy to maintain, are resistant to static, damp, wear and soiling.

Cleaning is easy as the colours are water safe and even bleach should not discolour. The yarn has an inherent sheen and if you decide you need another matching rug the colour consistency is very reliable.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy under floor heating then don't worry our rugs can cope with that too. Just buy and enjoy!


From heavy 620 gram towels using the finest Egyptian cotton to 575 gram cotton towels in a range of hot modern colours we have ranges for all tastes.