Bamboo Blinds help bring a touch of nature into the home. Made from bamboo, jute, grass and wood they blend stylishly into both traditional and modern decors while they gently filter light into your room, creating a calm and soothing ambience with diffused views of the outside.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning depends on how much dust or dirt your shade accumulates. If your window shades face a busy street side, then need regular cleaning, otherwise, weekly cleaning is fine to keep them prolonged

Take a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from every corner of the fabric.

To remove spill or stain from the shades, dip a club cloth into soda and clean it. A small amount of dishwashing detergent is also great to remove stains and spills.

Max Width: 2440mm
Max Length: 4500mm
Privacy: Day: Views & privacy | Night: No privacy (One privacy fabric available)
Light Control: Diffused light
Operation: Cord Roll Up
Cleaning: Fabric can be dusted and can be wiped with a sparingly damp cloth.
Suitable for: Most windows, Bamboo is a hard wearing product. Bamboo material adds natural texture.