Contract Blinds

We are pleased to be one of the Registered Suppliers for the Department of Education for School Blinds.

We have serviced 100's of Schools regarding the requirements for Grade 11 & grade 12 Classrooms.

We provide installation & measurements services for these blinds.


Our Credentials

We are registered on The South African Central Supplier Database.

We have the following Certificates: Tax Clearance, Good Standing & B-BBEE Affidavit


Book Your Spot Today

We are currently in the process of Submitting quotes to various contractors.

If you are interested in having the blinds at your school measured and require a quote please contact the numbers below:

Zahir Shivani 0834191786 -

Brijesh Patel 0817086879 -


New Approved Fabric: Beach Reef

Availability: In Stock







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