The soft folds of Roman blinds combined with a functional operating system are the perfect solution for any window covering and are guaranteed to enhance your choice of décor.

Roller Roman blinds are very versatile in terms of offering you control over privacy and varying degrees of sun protection based on the materials chosen.

The blind radiates a bold personality when down with its distinct horizontal divisions and raises to a distinct presence when lifted occupying a portion above or in your window.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning depends on how much dust or dirt your shade accumulates. If your window shades face a busy street side, then need regular cleaning, otherwise, weekly cleaning is fine to keep them prolonged

Many roman fabrics such as cotton or poly blends are water safe and you can wash them in the machine but make sure to remove all the hardware before cleaning. Rinse them in cool water to ensure no shrinkage and lower color loss. And dry them naturally instead of using dryer.

Take a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from every corner of the fabric.

To remove spill or stain from the shades, dip a club cloth into soda and clean it. A small amount of dishwashing detergent is also great to remove stains and spills.

Max Width: 2400mm

Max Length: 3000mm

Privacy: Screens: Day Privacy diffused views | Light Filtering: Moderate to Substantial Blockout: Complete Privacy
Light control: Diffused light to Full Blockout dependant on fabric.

Cleaning: Dependant on fabric, refer to specific fabric cleaning instructions.

Suitable: Windows where the bold lines of the Roman bars will be a feature. A Roman Panel will form a distinct folded presence when pulled up.